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Robbit (ロビット, Robitto) is the protagonist of the Jumping Flash! series and a rabbit-like robot employed by Universal City Hall to deal with various problems throughout a specified sector of the galaxy. Robbit is referred to as male in the English localization for the first two Jumping Flash! games, but is more ambiguous in gender in the original Japanese release.


Robbit's design in the original Jumping Flash! is a white bipedal robot heavily based on the appearance of a rabbit. Some of the anthropomorphic features include two rabbit ear-like antennae, a rear rocket representing a rabbit's cotton tail, a triangular nose ornament with an "R" logo engraved, small arms meant to resemble rabbit paws, and red eyes that may be a nod to rabbit breeds with this trait. Universal City Hall's name is branded on Robbit's side.

Between Jumping Flash! and Jumping Flash! 2, Robbit's design changes little with only some refinements in overall geometry. In the Japanese exclusive third game Robbit Mon Dieu, Robbit has been redesigned with a sleeker, smaller design, more expressive eyes, and a yellow paint job.


Robbit has the ability to triple jump high into the air on a pair of electromagnetic, spring-activated legs. The frontal "Sparkle Beam Gun" fires an unlimited stream of bullets, and various wide-range bomb weapons can be collected and used in limited quantity.

Robbit comes equipped with a Support A.I. named Kumagoro, which appears in his heads-up display as a springy hood ornament that resembles a bear. Kumagoro indicates how high Robbit has jumped, if danger is nearby, and offers moral support. Kumagoro acts as Robbit's voice, which sounds high pitched and childlike in Jumping Flash! and more masculine as Kumagoro 2 (or "Bill") in Jumping Flash! 2. Additionally, Kumagoro is upgraded to Kumagoro XVII in Robbit Mon Dieu, and different A.I. entirely can be unlocked through various means in each game.



  • Throughout his battles in Jumping Flash! and Jumping Flash! 2, Robbit's brave deeds net him hyperbolic praise from the game's Narrator who dubs him a "freedom loving, robo-heroic battle bunny" and a "high octane, multidimensional heroic robo bunny".