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Welcome to the Jumping Flash Wiki! The database about Jumping Flash that anyone can edit! The Jumping Flash Wiki has 93 articles since July 10, 2011!


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Jumping Flash! 2 Intro

May 21, 2021: Hello again! I have great news, I have been able to get a scan of a Jumping Flash! 1 guidebook! You can download the PDF here. The quality isn't the best, some text or images near the center binding are warped or unreadable.

I also have guidebooks for Jumping Flash! 2 and Robbit Mon Dieu, so I'll try to get scans of those as soon as I'm able!


December 1, 2020: Hello! I've been doing some small edits and additions to this wiki recently, mostly adding characters from RMD and some enemy stats. I have a guidebook for both JF2 and RMD, and plan on adding more info as I continue to translate the books as well. I hope to make this wiki even nicer than it was before!



July 10, 2011: I have created this wiki, as the internet is in dire need of a Jumping Flash wiki, I don't know how popular it is these days but I created this anyway. Anyhow there was already a Jumping Flash Wiki out there but it was badly neglected. No backgrounds, four articles with nothing on them. Yeah it was bad. Hopefully Jumping Flash fans will find this wiki and be pleased with it. Have fun!